Dominique Boutaud

Dominique Boutaud


Dominique BoutaudDominique Boutaud is an award-winning French artist who has exhibited her work around the world. She has won a multitude of awards internationally for her work - including, most recently, a silver medal and diploma from La Societe Academique Arts, Sciences, Lettres in 2014. This French academic society gives yearly awards of honor for men and women of merit in the fields of art, science or liberal arts.

Dominique Boutaud is a visual artist and a passionate supporter of those with dementia. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and a Certified OMA Dementia Facilitator. OMA (Open Minds Through Art) is an intergenerational visual art program for people with dementia developed by the Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University in Ohio.

Art classes are given in the HEALINGinCOLOR studio, private homes, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, Day Away Programs and senior centers. They are offered both individually and in groups to those with dementia and the caregiver. In addition, art classes are offered to veterans and children with incarcerated parents.

Originally from Nice, France, Dominique Boutaud moved to Massachusetts in 1996 with her then-husband, and eventually made her way to Nashua, New Hampshire. "For me," Boutaud said, "art is a way to express myself and find beauty in life." "When I paint my hope is to give hope to people...and a window of happiness." "My goal is to give people the possibility to become independent in creativity and to give them the possibility to create without fear or being judged, having freedom and peace which can lead them to well-being, being proud of themselves, happiness and improving their communication and connection with others."



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