Song of the Lark Duo

Song of the Lark Duo

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SOTL (756x756)Song of the Lark is a flute and guitar duo- but not just any duo. Yes, we do play concerts, but our main focus is to play calming music for people who need some time to recharge and refresh. We play at venues for groups or individuals who just need to take some time for their own self-care.

This duo is made up of Sue Hurwitz- flutist, professional chamber musician, yoga teacher, and life coach, and Rahel- guitarist, vocalist, therapeutic healthcare musician, and award-winning composer, whose music we perform. The sky’s the limit for the venues where we appear-everything from yoga studios, community centers, private homes, schools, and even office settings.


Rahel PictureRahel Limor

Websites: Rahel Music and Music Practitioner

RAHEL is a compassionate, insightful, sensitive, versatile award-winning performing guitarist, vocalist, recording artist, songwriter and healing artist. Her musical versatility highlights a wide reaching repertoire that is intelligent, musically sophisticated and ethnically diverse showcasing musical compositions that reflect an acoustic-eclectic-ambient-folk-ethnic-world-roots sound with hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras and sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds. Her guitar playing draws attention to beautiful finger styles and open chord progressions.

"Music has always been integral to my life. I was exposed to music at an early age. I studied solfeges, music theory and appreciation and learned to play on the piano, recorder and flute, but it was the acoustic guitar that was to become my main mode of musical expression. I've been an active working musician since 1976. I enjoy collaborating with other musicians and artists the most! Music has introduced me to worlds I might never have immersed in otherwise. The experience of living in two countries, Israel and the USA, each with a multitude of ethnic and cultural influences, contributes greatly to my composing and songwriting. It is through music that I experience joy and happiness and by way of music that I facilitate healing, growth and joy in others."

Rahel is a juried artist of the NH State Council on the Arts; N.E.F.A. (New England Foundation for the Arts), N.E.S.T. (New England States Touring Artist), and a member of the Sound Healers Association, NH Healthcare Musicians, Hollis Arts Society, and the NH Jewish Artist Connection. She is a recipient of the Shem Tov Award for her contributions to enriching Jewish life in NH and two-time winner of Israel’s AACI English Songwriting Competition. She holds a B. Sc. in the Arts from Empire State College at S.U.N.Y, certifications in Music Education for all ages, from newborns to seniors and is a trained Therapeutic Healthcare Artist working musically with the ill, dying and all those who can benefit from it.

Sue HurwitzSue Hurwitz

Websites: The Art of Nuturance and Muga Live

Sue Hurwitz is a Life Coach, certified in the Still Point Method of healing. She specializes in working with clients on issues of self-confidence, particularly with musicians and artists. Sue has had a wide variety of yoga trainings; Childlight Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Musical Yoga, Yoga for Special Needs, Mommy & Baby Yoga, and Creative Kids Yoga. She co-founded a business which teaches yoga and creative movement with live music for all ages, called 'MugaLive!' She has over 17 years' experience working in Special Education. In addition, she has earned her certification in Special Education.

Sue is a professional musician, and is the flutist in the chamber group Resonance, which she also founded. Sue is the flutist in Sunflower Fusion, which specializes in World Music. Ms. Hurwitz is a member of Lyric Duo, a piano and flute duo which plays at weddings and special events. She plays in Acoustic Breezes, an eclectic folk music group. Ms. Hurwitz is the co-founder of Song of the Lark, along with Rahel Limor. This guitar and flute duo plays calming music for people who need some time for self-care and a relaxing 'time-out.' Their programs can include meditation, yoga and stretching, journaling, and art. They present their programs at varied venues such as yoga studios, private homes, women's groups, and town recreation centers.




Limited Availability

Space is limited! Register to ensure your place at the “How We Heal – A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness Conference”. The all day event will be held on April 9, 2015 at the Nashua Country Club.