Nancy Emerson Lombardo

Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD

President, Brain Health and Wellness Center, HealthCare Insights, LLC and Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Neurology Boston University School of Medicine, Dept. of Neurology

Dr. Nancy Emerson LombardoTopic: What Does Science Tell Us About Which Foods Will Save Our Brains

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the evidence regarding nutrition in promoting and enhancing brain health. This includes the exploration of nutritional strategies that may delay the onset, reduce risk or slow the progression of cognitive decline, Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias, as well as maintenance of emotional and mental health.
  • Identify key nutritional strategies to preserve brain and body health.
  • Illustrate potential benefits of nutritional changes for brain and body health.
  • Understand methods and strategies for facilitating change in nutritional or dietary programs for older adults, including residential programs for groups and individuals.



Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo is dedicated to helping all of us preserve our brain health.
Can our food choices really make a difference? Does science give us reliable guidance for boosting our brain power?
Yes! Using modern nutritional neuroscience techniques, Dr. Emerson Lombardo integrated the results of hundreds of scientific studies into the Memory Preservation Nutrition® (MPN™) program. Following the MPN program can make all the difference for cognitive and emotional brain health for people at every age. It is never too late to promote brain health.
A passionate advocate for people with Alzheimer's and other brain diseases, Dr. Emerson Lombardo co-founded the Alzheimer's Association and Alzheimer's Disease International. These non-profit organizations enhance support for patients and families, educate, and promote research and public action on prevention and treatment.


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